The last survivor took a seat in the empty shuttle expecting to see hundreds of passengers and a well maintained Space Voyager, but Instead was greeted with a quiet, corroded hull that seemed to be held together with spot welds and steel wire.

As anxiously tried to get buckled in, the heavy metal door swung open and in barged the Captain of the ship.

The infamous Captain Simon M. Sinclair (famous for having crashed more shuttles than anyone else) turned to The Last Survivor and spoke...

Greetings survivor #283, glad you could make it in time... Mind if I call you 283?

Okay, quit playing with the harness and get strapped in... we're in for a bumpy ride so brace yourself.

Oh - and I've beamed your in-transit reading material to your inbox for you.

It should materialize there any minute now - that should keep you busy for a while.

Now, pay attention passenger!

Pre-takeoff checks...

First off - Check your inbox for an email from me (Simon M. Sinclair), it will contain a link to your free book (did I say book? I meant "in-transit reading material").

If you don't see that email in the next 10 minutes, check in your spam/junk folder or in a secondary inbox such as the "promotions" folder.

And secondly - As your captain on this voyage I'll be sending you regular email updates, new books and a chance to get early review copies of my work. But if my emails aren't getting through to your inbox, you'll miss out on everything!

So please do yourself a favor... add me to your email contacts and if you see my emails in your promotions tab, or anywhere other than the primary inbox, simply "drag and drop" it into the main inbox.

That way, future emails from me will land in the primary inbox where they belong and you won't miss a thing...

And, uh... Wait? What's... that... buzzing... noise?



How'd they find us?!


No time to waste, it looks like the ship is under attack...

Quickly 283, click the blue button below and go hide in my "Sci-Fi Fantasy Lair"...

It's my private FB group and you'll be safe there until this mess blows over...

Come on #283- NOW!

ANd sToP FiDgeTiNg WiTh tHaT HarNeSs!

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